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New Range

New Range

Samantha Davis, Assistant Editor and Marketing Coordinator

The Family Consumer Science kitchens have been in  need of new ranges for awhile, as the current ones are over 20 years old and in poor condition. Mrs. Orange knew that asking for five new ranges, one for each of the five kitchens, in her annual school budget would be asking too much.  What do teachers do when state budgets are so tight and students are in need of supplies?  They use Donor’s Choose!

Founded in 2000 by  high school history teacher Charles Best, Donor’s Choose is an organization that helps public school teachers all across America  find the funds to get supplies for their classrooms. Charles Best got the idea when he wanted his students to read Little House on the Prairie, and while he was making photocopies of the only  book he could procure, he realized there had to be a better way for teachers to get the supplies they needed. So he started a website that he and 10 other teachers used to post projects that needed funding.  Teachers submit a project to donor’s choose.org, and anyone who wants to support public education can donate money to their projects.   Today the team at Donor’s Choose has helped complete over 600,000 school projects.

Mrs. Orange was able to get many donations from alumni and others in the community. She was also able to get donations from corporate sponsors. Donor’s Choose is in partnership with organizations like J.Crew, ESPN, and even Orkin; these organizations will match donations made by individuals to these projects. Mrs. Orange also used this organization to get cooking tools and Rachael Ray cookware for each kitchen.