Senior Clothing

Jess Walter, Writer

ATTENTION SENIORS: Senior class clothes are now on sale! Pick up an order form in your homeroom or Mrs. Weaver’s room if you haven’t already done so.  This year’s slogan is “We’re kind of a b16 deal.”  The items that are for sale are listed below.

T-shirt (grey),

Long sleeve T-shirt (white),

Hoodie (black),

Dry-fit sweatpants (black),

Shorts (red), and

Game-day jerseys (black or red)

The slogan will be on the t-shirt, long sleeve, and hoodie.  Mrs. Weaver has samples of the clothes in her room to try on for fit.  If you are interested in a game-day jersey, try one on because they run big.  The deadline for order forms and money is February 3.

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