FFA “Beefs” Up the Blood Supply!

FFA Beefs Up the Blood Supply!

Carly Anne Gruver, Writer

FFA is sponsoring their annual Blood Drive at Redbank Valley High School in the new gym on Friday, January 29, from 9 AM to 2:30 PM.  If you are interested, please call 1-800-RED-CROSS or visit redcrossblood.org and enter RVHS as the code to schedule an appointment.

Mrs. Gruver has been sponsoring the blood drive for many years now.  They call it “Beef” up the blood supply because beef is good for you, and it promotes agriculture.

This year FFA will sponsor two blood drives. One in this winter and one in the spring. FFA hopes to encourage student-athletes to donate blood on their off- season. Next week’s blood drive will serve chili to donators and in spring, they are serving hamburgers. The goal for both drives is to get 100 units of blood donated.

More blood drive information:

Student athletes should wait about 12 hours or more to resume strenuous exercise after blood donation, depending on how they feel. If your sport has an event the same day, you should not donate blood as a precaution.

Parental permission is required for all students 16 and above. The permission slips are in the English classrooms, on the Cafeteria bulletin board, and from Mrs. Gruver.   Turn in completed forms to  the main office or to Mrs. Gruver.


If you do decide to donate blood please eat healthy foods with iron in it and drink lots of water.