Search for Work Day

Search for Work Day

Carly Anne Gruver, Writer

On  March 17th, the Second Annual Search for Work Day will take place here at Redbank Valley High School.  Mr. Gold, senior economics teacher, explained the purpose of Search for Work Day:

Search for Work Day is intended to prepare  seniors for the job search skills  they will need later in life. As a college graduate, I felt that this was an area that I was not adequately prepared for when I graduated from college. My hope is that our seniors get a taste of the job search process and how interviews work.   When “real” interviews come around later in life, they will already have some experience and will be able to enter those interviews with confidence.

Seniors will dress as if they were really going on an interview. Thirty-two companies or organizations will be coming to interview us. Mr. Gold asked all his seniors what job they want in the future and picked these 32 people based on his students’ interests.  To see all of the representatives  who will participate this year,  click here.

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