Bible Club Summary: January 4

Bible Club Summary:  January 4

Elisabeth Hook, Writer

On Monday, Bible Club welcomed back Doug Gundlach, a Redbank Valley alumni, to teach the students. His lesson was based on the two types of love, phileo and agape. He went on to explain how agape love is unconditional love God shows us, and phileo love is brotherly love we show the people we care about.

In Doug’s lesson, he used the story of Peter the disciple. Jesus foretold that Peter would deny him three times before the rooster crowed, and he did. So later, Jesus asked him if he loved him, and Peter replied with, “Yes, I love you.” Jesus asked this to Peter three times, and each time Peter told Jesus he loved him.  Jesus was asking Peter if he agape-loved him; however, Peter’s response to Jesus was really that he phileo-loved him.   Why?  Because even an disciple like Peter, who was chosen by Jesus,  is still unable to achieve unconditional love–agape love.  Only God is capable of agape love.