On the Journey to Districts

On the Journey to Districts

Samantha Davis, Assistant Editor and Marketing Coordinator

This year Districts for the Redbank Valley Cheerleaders will be a bit different. In the past two years, the top 7 teams earn a trip to States to compete. The teams would compete against each other for the District Grand Champions.

This year at the 2016 District IX Competitive Spirit Championship, the teams will compete in specific divisions–small varsity, medium varsity, large varsity, and Co- ed. These four divisions are based on the size and gender of the teams. Small may have 15 or under female athletes, Medium may have 16-20 females, Large has 21 or more female athletes, and Co-ed squads may have any number of male and female athletes, but at least one male athlete must compete on that team to make it a Co-ed Division. The teams will compete their division for the District IX Championship Title and Runner Up. So there will be four grand champions, one of each from each division. The Grand Champion and Runner Up will be presented with gold medallions and the four Grand Champions will also attend States. In addition to the four winners, the next three teams with the highest scores will also be heading to Hershey to compete for the State Championship on January 22-23, 2016.

The cheerleaders have been preparing for districts and states since late July when their routine was created by RevoCC ‘s Choreographer, Beato, and the help of their two coaches, Coach Stacey and Coach Holly.  Redbank Valley, competed in  the Small Division with  12 female athletes, they placed 3rd in their division, had the 6 highest score overall and will be advancing on to the State Championship on January 22-23 in Hershey , PA.

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