Carly Anne Gruver, Writer

Wrestling is a great sport. You’re on a team, but when you’re on the mat, it is on you to win that match.   No one else can win it for you. That is the beauty of wrestling.

The Redbank student wrestlers learn how to wrestle for a team and themselves.  The wrestlers get points depending on how they win. So getting a pin is the best way to rack up points for the team. Although winning is just as good, every point counts. Also as a wrestler you have to depend on your coach and teammates to make you better. Redbank Valley coaches have the athletes lift weights in the morning, but as Mr. Laird, Assistant Coach said, “They own their skills after school.” They match them up with teammates who will challenge each other to get better. So far in their dual meet season, they are 5-2,  and at their first tournament they took 10th place.

Coach Laird says so far he sees a strong dual meet and when individual wrestling starts, he predicts many wrestlers placing in districts and some at regional and states. You can view team stats and coaches here.


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