Student of the Week

Jess Walter, Writer

Name: Samantha Landers

Grade: 12

Future Plans: Attend Delaware Valley University to pursue a degree in biology in hopes of going to veterinary school.

Favorite Pet: My lovely mutt, Maggie.
Hobbies/Sports: I participate in track, soccer, basketball, and cross country. In addition to those, I also enjoy being with friends and family, being outside, and video games.
Favorite Word: Right now I like to use the slang word “fam” short for family when speaking about or with close friends because I do see them as family. “Fam” is just such a simple and silly way to express my caring.
One Day I would like to live in: I don’t know yet; I’m seventeen.
Favorite memory: Out of so many wonderful ones, I cannot choose a single memory as my favorite. However, the times I spend with my brother and sister laughing and having a good time are probably the happiest of my life.