When The Game Stands Tall: January’s Underrated Movie of the Month


Jordan Mann, Writer

A new year is like a chapter in a book that is waiting to be written. It’s a fresh start. A vast majority of people take the initiative to set goals or resolutions for themselves because there is always room for improvement. Change is difficult for many though, and it’s easy to fall back into your old habits. So, I chose “When The Game Stands Tall” as January’s underrated movie of the month to help inspire people, and hopefully keep you motivated to have the will power to change.

“When The Game Stands Tall” is inspired by a true story. It tells the journey of Coach Bob Ladouceur (Jim Caviezel), and his team the De La Salle High School Spartans. The Spartans are widely known and praised for their 151 winning game streak because they shattered all records that have been set. So, when the streak is broken and tragedy strikes the team, Coach Lad teaches the players that it’s not about how you fall, but how you get back up.

“When The Game Stands Tall” makes a statement because it’s incredibly inspiring while being humble. After I watched this movie, I felt like I could go move buildings. It has a certain hype to it that typically comes along in sport films, so it’s entertaining to watch, but there are subtle life lessons to be learned all throughout the movie. Coach Lad states, “Little things done well make a big difference.” When I set a goal for myself, I usually end up feeling discouraged when I don’t see progress or change. Coach Lad reinforces that failure is never final, and how success comes from the long haul of hard work.

I don’t want to give too much away, so watch this fabulous movie. You certainly won’t miss those 115 minutes of your life.

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