New Year’s Resolutions


Elisabeth Hook, writer

Sadly, Christmas break is over, and we have shot into the new year. With that, everyone seems to be ecstatic about coming up with a New Year’s Resolution. However, does anyone ever really stick to it, and can we fix that? New Year’s Resolutions have a good meaning behind them, but have they just become cliche and almost a joke? New Year’s Resolutions are great for motivation, but it can be discouraging to those who let it fall to the wayside (including me). So, maybe we should focus less on coming up with resolutions that affect our physical aspects, and more to do with bettering ourselves in the long run.

Recently, our Sunday school teacher asked us to make a new resolution that will challenge you to be a better person not only to yourself, but to others around you.   I encourage you to partake in this act as well. Some examples given were being nicer to your family, be more willing to forgive others, and just smile more. It is amazing how contagious a smile can be to the people around you. Choosing a positive attitude can not only help you, but the people around you as well.

So, jump into this new year with high expectations, and make the most of it that you can. If 2016 is anything like last year, it will fly right by, so try and enjoy it while you can. Happy New Year!!