Studying Tips for Success!

Studying Tips for Success!

Christina Kopnitsky, Writer

As a high school student, one of the most important skills knowing how to study.  Although it may be easy to glide through some classes without looking at your notes once, this will not be the case in college.  Here are some helpful hints when it comes to hitting the books:

  1. Find a quiet place with few interruptions.
  2. Consider playing soft music with no lyrics as background noise.
  3. Enjoy caffeinated beverages like coffee, but not too late in the evening.
  4. Highlight the most important parts of your notes; look for vocabulary, sub-titles etc.
  5. Make flashcards. (Try the APP Quizlet and use your phone to carry your flashcards.)
  6. Rewrite your notes.
  7. Read your textbook and outline the chapter– however boring it may be.
  8. Study with a friend–actually study.
  9. Look for quizzes similar to your topic online.
  10. Know your limits–stop when you need a break.

Your study skills are a key to get the grades you want. Find what works for you and make adjustments as needed.  Happy studying!



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