Retirement of Mrs. Miller

Retirement of Mrs. Miller

Samantha Davis, Assistant Editor and Marketing Coordinator


Mrs. Miller, Redbank Valley High School principal’s secretary, has retired. She retired just before Christmas break on December 23, 2015. Mrs. Miller worked for the school for 23 1/2 years. She was also a 1974 graduate of Redbank Valley.

During her retirement, Mrs. Miller would like to spend most of her time with her family and her grandchildren. Since she is an avid painter, I am sure she will be spending  time creating oil paintings. She loves to read and hopes to be able to relax with a good book and catch up on  some lost time reading. Riding horses has always been a passion of hers, and she is glad she can spend some of her retirement riding her four beautiful horses.  Mrs. Miller also likes to entertain and cook, so she plans to continue to do so.

Although one memory is not enough to capture Mrs. Miller’s time here at Redbank Valley, when asked to share her favorite memory, she said, “My memories here have started to all fade together!” She has had so many happy memories with her best friend and office co-worker, Mrs.  Trimble, and many other faculty members. “Sue and I are closer than sisters.  We are not just faculty and staff in this building; we are one big family along with all the students.”  One strange moment that came to Mrs. Miller during our interview was the day Jason Huffman became her boss. Since she remembers when  Mr. Huffman was once a seventh grader in this building, she said it was a very weird experience for her.

As some of you may know, Mrs.  Miller is especially friendly since she’s the first person everyone sees in the main office, and  she has a a great sense of humor.  However, she had one philosophy while working here–“The kids come first!”   She always treasured the moments she could offer,“a hug, a tissue, some chocolate, and a quiet space to talk with a student when they needed it.”

Mrs. Miller would like to remind  all students and faculty at Redbank Valley to “enjoy life and live everyday to the fullest with love, laughter, and always kindness.   Don’t Forget Me!”  How could we?    Mrs. Miller will be greatly missed here at the high school, but we have saved  a small place in all our hearts for her!  Congratulations on your retirement, Mrs. Miller.

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