The Reason For the Season

The Reason For the Season

Christina Kopnitsky, Writer

Colored lights are draped on a dark green spruce tree, the stockings are hanging on the mantle, and the presents sit under the tree.  Christmas is the happiest season of all!  Although we love giving and receiving presents, there is far, far more to this wonderful time of year–the true meaning of Christmas.

“Jesus is the reason for the season” is probably a holiday cliche that you have heard before, but it’s true. The holiday of Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ.  The “Christmas Story” can be found in the Bible in Matthew 1:18-25, Isaiah 9: 6-7, and Luke 2:1-20.

It all started many many years ago in Israel, the citizens were patiently awaiting to receive a new king that God had promised to them. Later, in the town of Nazareth, a young woman by the name of Mary was visited by an angel, Gabriel. He explained to Mary that God had chosen her to have His Son and to name him Jesus.  Gabriel also came to the man that Mary loved, Joseph, through a dream, and gave him the same message that he told Mary.  They soon married.

Around the same time, King Herod, the leader of the Roman empire ordered a census, so Joseph and Mary were sent to Bethlehem.  Transportation was limited, so Mary rode a donkey, led by Joseph. After a long journey, they finally arrived in Bethlehem and found an inn.  However, the inn keeper did not have any room for them, but he offers them the stable ; they accepted it gratefully. That night, the baby, Jesus, was born.  He rested in a manger filled with straw and hay.

Outside of Bethlehem were two shepherds watching their sheep, when an angel appeared and told them the good news of baby Jesus and sent them to go see the Son of God.  In the East, three wise-men who study the stars, saw something different in the sky that night–a large, special, star. The knew that if they followed the star, it would take them to the newly promised king. When King Herod found out that the wise-men were looking for another king, he was very upset.  Nevertheless, the wise-men continued and followed the star right into Bethlehem above the manger.  They gave gifts of gold, frankincense and incense. From that night on, everyone rejoiced over the birth of our King, Jesus.

Sometimes, we can lose sight of the true meaning of Christmas.  God sent our Savior innocently, in the form of a precious baby.  He wasn’t what the people had envisioned.  He wasn’t a mighty warrior riding in on a white horse to save us or a man of great wealth.   Instead,  quietly and with little interruption, He arrived.   His throne was a stable and a manger.  Jesus entered a dirty, messy, stable and made it a palace; he can do the same in our messy lives.

Furthermore, shepards weren’t of the highest social class; they were poor and dirty, but they were invited to meet the Newborn King.  Along with the shepards were the wise-men who brought expensive gifts.   Yes, Jesus will take you exactly how you are with anything that you have to offer.

Remember the true reason for the season this Christmas, and share it with others.  Make the “inn of your hearts” open to Jesus and rejoice at this wonderful gift God has given to us! Merry Christmas!


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