Gym Class Spotlight

Addison is happy to be on the treadmill.

Carly Anne Gruver, Writer

Gym class is the most active class of the day. The students play various sports like mat-ball, Grif-ball, archery, pickle-ball, and weight-lifting. Mrs. Harmon and Mrs. Milanovich love their jobs. Mrs. Milanovich says, “Physical activity is my life.”  Mrs. Harmon added, ” I love the fact that I can influence students to be physically healthy.”  Mr Rex agrees with his co-workers about his influence on kids.  When asked who the stand-out physical education students were, Mrs. Harmon and Mrs. Milanovich named Ashley Landers, Samantha Landers, Alexa Smith, Zoie Stewart, Tiara Lamb, and Carly Gruver (hey, that’s me)  as students who excel gym class.  Check out the slideshow of students in action during physical education class.