AG Students say, “Tis The Season!”


Logan Magagnotti, Writer

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two loving and generous times of the year, especially for Mrs. Gruver’s agricultural classes.

This year Mrs. Gruver’s agriculture and horticulture classes will each decorate a stocking and fill it with candy, socks, and other items that deployed US troops need. The students have hand-decorated each stocking with American flags, Christmas decorations, even going as far as including a stocking for the K9 Division with a hand-painted picture of a bulldog by a very talented freshman,  Molly Nolf.  “We wanted to do more for the troops than just a Veterans Day assembly, and we felt this was the best way,” Mrs. Gruver explained.   The students  have loaded six large stockings for the troops that will be going to Burns Funeral Home, which will handle the delivery to our troops.  Mrs. Gruver added, “All of the unused food and snack items will be donated to the FFA food drive.”

With that being said, thank you Veterans, and thank you, Mrs. Gruver, for taking the initiative in spreading the holiday cheer!

stockings 3