Holiday In Handcuffs: December’s Underrated Movie

Holiday In Handcuffs: Decembers Underrated Movie

Jordan Mann, Writer

There are millions of movies in this world. Maybe even billions. On average, approximately 50,000 movies are filmed per year. Not to mention, the list of genres goes on and on. So, an abundance of movies are bound to be forgotten about or overlooked completely. Statistically speaking, the all time favorite movie genre in America is comedy, but it is December… How could a Christmas movie not be picked to be movie of the month? There are a ton of Christmas movies, and it’s basically only socially acceptable to watch them in the months of November and December. The classics like Elf, The Christmas Carol, and The Polar Express are a must to watch which take up a lot of your time, so when you choose to watch a Christmas movie, it has to be worth it. So, after much thought and consideration, the movie of the month is Holiday In Handcuffs.

If you love romantic comedies, this movie is for you. Even if you’re not a fan of that genre, this movie is still for you. Holiday In Handcuffs is just a feel good movie. It consists of a little love story, realistic expectations of how a family acts during the holidays, and witty humor. Christmas is all about love, so it’s the perfect movie to watch while you cuddle up on the couch next to the Christmas tree with hot chocolate in hand. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so below is a short sum of the movie.

Trudie (Melissa Joan Hart) is unlucky in life and love. This Christmas, Trudie decided to take her life (and law) into her own hands. Being the black sheep of the family, she wouldn’t dare go to Christmas as a single woman. So, Trudie decides to kidnap a customer (Mario Lopez) from the restaurant she works at, and introduces him as her beau to the family. After failing to escape multiple times, David decides to play along until he can get in touch with the police. However, David starts looking at his own love life in the mean time, and begins to question whether he could be falling in love with Trudie in the unlikely circumstances, or if he is happy with the woman he’s with. Will they fall in love and have a happily ever after, or will this Christmas end up with Trudie in handcuffs?


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