Test Stress


Christina Kopnitsky, Writer

If you are a student who truly cares about your grades and academic success, school can be extremely stressful for you. In the following personal essay, the pressures of test stress are outlined.

One of the most stressful aspects of high school is by far test taking.  One bad test grade could make or break your grade for the marking period and also bring down your GPA. Once you reach your junior and senior year, college acceptance also plays a factor in your test stressing.   If your GPA isn’t good enough to make the cut, then where do you turn?

The pressure that an upcoming test places on an academic student is unreal. You go to school, you take notes, and you go home at night and study until you can’t possibly study anymore; it becomes an obsession.  Due to the mass amounts of time you spend studying,  you are missing out on social events with friends and other hobbies that you enjoy.  And even though you may be missing out on these fun activities, it’s not like you can just “not study” as your friends suggest because in some sense, your entire future is riding one this one grade.

There are also occasions when you have studied endlessly for an important test, and then you get a grade much lower than expected; this is highly frustrating for an academic student. Some classes do not offer “free-points” for homework, so what you get on your test is what goes in the grade book.  There’s nothing you can do to fix it, so you scrape your crushed hope up off the floor and move on with optimism.

Most academic students are in a situation where test stress has gotten the best of them, and they have to work on their stress and anxiety on a daily basis to try and look at these issues with optimism and acceptance.  If you’re not careful, you are permitting grades to define you, and getting yourself out of a situation like that is difficult.

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