Athlete of the Week: Austin Myers


Jarrett Bailey, Sports Writer

Grade: 8

Sport: Junior-High Football

Austin is Redbank’s version of “Slash”, as he is adapted at playing multiple positions (slot back, cornerback, special teams returner, and punter).

Quote from Coach Craig Hibell: “Austin is a small kid who plays very big. Although Austin is very quiet, he leads the team by example and has a strong desire to win. My favorite part about Austin is that he is very competitive and every time he gets knocked down, he gets right back up”.

Q&A Session:

Q: Who is your favorite pro player?

A: “I like Peyton Manning.”


Q: Out of all the positions you play, which is your favorite and why?

A: “Slot back because I get the ball in my hands and get to run with it.”


Q: What are your goals for next season as you transition from Junior-High to JV and Varsity?

A: “I want to be able to score a varsity touchdown.”