Benefits of Sports

Benefits of Sports

Carly Anne Gruver, Writer

Sports are not all about having fun. Playing a sport in high school can teach you about life.

In any sport you can expect to win some and lose some. By doing so, you learn sportsmanship.  Sportsmanship is taught through competition. You learn it by your reaction to a win or loss. You either have good or bad sportsmanship, and coaches should teach the athlete how to have good sportsmanship.

Competition is part of life, and it even makes you better. You compete to get a job, and once you get that job, then it is a competition to see who gets the promotion. There is more competition in daily life that you might not even realize. For example, some students make academics their number one priority, and they “use” there fellow classmates to do better. They want to be number one in their class, so they use other students to push them to do better.  Another example is sibling rivalry. Jessica is the youngest out of three. She has two other sisters, Maryann and Judy. Maryann is the eldest, and she was number one in her class in academics. Judy is great at sports. This being said, Jessica wants to out-do both sisters, so she is aiming to be number one in academics and to be great in sports. She is finding competition in a sibling rivalry. I find someone I want to be better than, and I work harder to do so. Whether I actually do better or not, the drive to do so makes me better in the long run.

Sports give a team a common goal. Sports help students be able to complete goals as a group. They also teach you to focus on one goal at a time.  The first game you see what goal you need to work on at practice. Whether it is tackling in football, one-on-one in soccer, or take-downs in wrestling, you have a goal to get better. Coaches and teammates help you out. You learn to let others help you become better instead of working on your own.

A team is a bond that students in a sport will never forget. When you join the right team, not only do you make friends, but you become a family. There is no perfect team, but there are a great teams.  A great team can win and you know it, but when it loses, it finds a way to improve as a team. Players stick together on and off the field.  A team is only as strong as its weakest player, and true teammates  help to make the weakest link stronger. Students learn to not only help improve themselves but to inspire others.

Sports also improve students’ academic success. Students have to keep a certain grade to play a sport. Because of eligibility, students who usually have trouble doing school work push themselves. They focus on school more because they know if they don’t, they won’t be able to play.  Athletes will even stay out of trouble in school. They don’t want a detention or suspension to hurt their chances to play. Students do better in school overall while participating in sports.

Sports teach you life lessons–sportsmanship, competition, setting goals, and teamwork.  Which sport is the best fit to keep you fit?  Get out there and find out!

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