Being a Senior is Stressful!

Being a Senior is Stressful!

Logan Magagnotti, Writer

There is no denying that the four years you spend in high school are the absolute greatest years of your life. Senior year is presumably the best of the four. You’re “top dog” in the halls. You get the best parking spots. It even seems as if the rules don’t really apply to you anymore. However, some seniors are so busy that they don’t even have the time to enjoy their last year of high school. Sure, senior year may be the best, but it is also, by far, the most stressful year of your entire high school career.

Some seniors have so many activities throughout a day that it’s almost impossible to even keep track of their schedule. From waking up at 6:30 in the morning – and even earlier for some students who work on farms – to constantly running around all day from school to sports to part time jobs just to get home at 9 p.m. and still have an hour or more of homework to do. When do seniors get a chance to breathe? Not only do they have the everyday school responsibilities, but seniors also have so many “senior responsibilities” throughout the year:  applying to colleges, retaking SAT’s,  sending out transcripts, homework, graduation project, prom, applying for scholarships, and graduation  itself!  The list goes on and on and yet, no teacher or parent even realizes the stress that their students/children are under.

Research shows that more than a quarter (27%) seniors experience “extreme stress” during the school year vs. 13% in the summer, while 34% expect stress to increase in the coming year. Stress is a big weight on students’ shoulders, especially whenever they don’t even understand how to properly deal with their stress. Only about 37% of teens exercise or walk to manage stress and 28% play sports. Many more choose what experts say are less healthy activities, including playing video games (46%) and spending time online (43%).

Stress appears to be affecting teens’ performance in all aspects of life:

• 59% report that managing their time to balance all activities is a somewhat or very significant stressor;

• 40% say they neglected responsibilities at home because of stress; 21% say they neglected work or school because of stress;

• 32% say they experience headaches because of stress; 26% report changes in sleeping habits;

• 26% report snapping at or being short with classmates or teammates when under stress.

We aren’t asking to be babied, because we are practically adults; however, we are asking that someone notices and understands why seniors are so stressed all the time and how serious the problem is.  There is a fine line between being a senior with adult responsibilities and an adult facing adult responsibilites. We need empathy, support, and guidance on how to manage our stress.   We are still learning.


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