A Tribute to our Veterans

Samantha Davis, Assistant Editor and Marketing Coordinator

Here at Redbank Valley, a student hears the word “assembly” and his reaction is automatically, “Ugh, are you serious?” However, each Veterans Day, the school hosts an assembly to honor our local veterans–and few students complain.  In fact, RVHS students are always on their very best best behavior during our Veterans Day assembly.  Students are highly respectful, with the auditorium being silent when appropriate and few students slouching in their seats.  RVHS students get it–when veterans are present, we give them the respect they have earned.   RVHS clubs and organizations also extended our student body’s respect in multiple ways at this year’s assembly.

The assembly to honor Veterans was held in the afternoon at one o’clock in order to include all Career Center students. FFA, the student organization sponsoring this event, held a luncheon prior to the program for all the veterans attending.   Civil Air Patrol students Ryan Moore, Heather Hainsey, Logan Markle, and Kasey Watkins presented the colors, and they also helped with retirement of the colors at the end of the assembly. Broadcast Journalism and AV Club made a video that included students and faculty thanking our veterans for their service.  Choir and band students honored our country with music.  Madeline Marshall and Kathryn Crawford also honored our country and veterans by singing a duet of the Star Spangled Banner.

Guest Speaker, Terry George, former veteran and member of our local American Legion, touched the hearts of students, faculty and veterans when he broke out in song, singing Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA!   FFA Secretary Charity Redinger spoke about her personal connection to Veterans Day and her future with the Navy. FFA also created show cases with  services uniforms borrowed from veterans in the community.

We citizens should be thanking veterans all the time, not just on one day. They are the ones that protect us and give us our freedom.  When you see a veteran or active serviceman, take a moment and thank them.

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