Music – One Size Does NOT Fit All

Music - One Size Does NOT Fit All

Jess Walter, writer

Most people listen to music at least once a day, whether it’s just playing in the background or having your headphones on full blast.  Music is uniquely amazing.    There are millions of songs out there and each one is different.  You can experience a range of feelings depending on the songs you listen to. says that about 15% of high school students deal with depression, and music is one way to make you feel better when you’re down.  Music lets you escape the real world and enclose yourself in your own safe place.  When you listen to music, your mind can be at ease and you can just relax.  Once you have your headphones in and your music on, you can get lost in the words or the beat and just unwind.

Music is very powerful.  It can help us move on from something terrible or drive us to do great things.  Music goes deeper than the sound it has, the lyrics also carry their own message.  The lyrics sung by an artist are a way to reach out to the people listening.  Musicians’ lyrics can comfort, encourage, and inspire.

Music is also a little strange sometimes.   Studies have proven that instead of forcing yourself to listen to a happy song when you’re sad, people mostly listen to sad songs.  After you listen to a sad song and maybe cry a little, you feel better.  Music facilitates a release in this way.  So the next time you’re feeling down here are some songs that you can cry to:

Mother Like Mine- The Band Perry

If It Means a Lot To You- A Day To Remember

Say Something- A Great Big World

The Weight- Shawn Mendes

Now, when you’re in need of some feel-good music, here are some songs for you:

Top Down- Fifth Harmony

Money- Five Seconds of Summer

Emperor’s New Clothes- Panic! At The Disco

Dance Forever- All-Star Weekend

For those days when you just want to let loose and rock out a little bit:

Rise- Skillet

Boom- Simple Plan

Stronger Than You Think- Fireflight

Keep Your American Dream- Beartooth

Everyone likes to jam out to a good song and has a preference for what type of music to listen to because music is as unique as each one of us.  Jared Leto, lead singer of alternative rock group Thirty Seconds To Mars, once said, “Music is subjective to everyone’s unique experience.”  There is no other human on this planet that is like you, and it’s the same with music.  I encourage you to go out and find the music created just for you.