Mrs. Aaron’s Writing Club

Mrs. Aarons Writing Club

Mackenzie Pence, Editor

Mrs. Aaron has recently started a writing club  for students in grades 9-12 that meets every Friday during activity period. As a member of writing club, I highly recommend joining to anyone interested in writing. We don’t write boring research papers and essays about prompts that we don’t care about;  Mrs. Aaron always has a fun activity that gets our minds thinking and our imaginations flowing. It’s a club that you can count on to relax, have fun, and just write!

Some of the activities have been very, well, different, which is a good because it actually allows members to let  imaginations run free. One activity Mrs. Aaron prepared for us was a stream of consciousness writing prompt. She started the timer for five minutes, and we couldn’t pick the pencil up off the page during that time. You had to keep writing.  Hands were cramping like crazy, but it was fun. You could start writing about your cat and end by writing about global warming. It was surprising how much your mind wanders in five minutes. Mrs. Aaron has fun writing activities planned for us every week, so make sure to stop by and try it out for yourself!