Meet the New Physics Teacher!

Meet the New Physics Teacher!

Christina Kopnitsky, Writer

The students and faculty of Redbank Valley would like to welcome the new physics teacher, Mr. Wolff.  Previously a teacher at Oil City, Mr. Wolf started his teaching position on Monday, October 5th, 2015.

 1. Where are you from and what high school did you attend? 

Mr. Wolf is originally from Clarion, and he attended Clarion Area High School.

2. Why did you chose to come to Redbank Valley?

Mr. Wolff chose to come to Redbank because it was a better fit for his family.  He is married with one child, and has another child on the way.

3.  Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of the classroom environment?

Hunting deer, turkey and small game, along with fishing interest Mr. Wolff outside of the classroom environment.


4. What made you chose to pursue a career as a teacher?

Originally he planned to be a pharmacist, but after starting college decided that he wanted to be a physics teacher as a result of influence from a high school physics teacher.

5. Describe your teaching style.

  • Freedom to discover
  • No lectures
  • Challenge the students

6. How do you organize your classroom?

Mr. Wolff puts emphasis on a neat and organized classroom environment, as well as teaching the students how to be organized as well.

7. As a teacher, what is your biggest pet-peeve?

Mr. Wolff’s biggest pet-peeve is when students talk while he is talking.

8. Do you wish to coach/supervise any extracurricular activities or sports?

At Oil City, Mr. Wolff coached wrestling for 8 years as well as baseball for 3 years and plans to continue coaching here at Redbank Valley.  He also plans to start a Math and Physics Club and to participate in a canned food drive.

Mr. Wolff’s classroom is a place where he gives students the freedom to discover physics for themselves and believes that anything you get in life, you have to earn.