Best Wishes, Mrs. Snyder


Samantha Davis, Writer

All of the school drivers here at Redbank Valley admire the 2010 Black Dodge Challenger when they enter the parking lot. Wouldn’t you think that hot car belonged to a young new teacher? Nope.  That amazing car actually belongs to retiring Special Education Secretary Janice Snyder.

Mrs.  Snyder will be leaving our staff here at Redbank Valley in just a few short weeks on October 30th. Mrs. Snyder has worked here for about 18 1/2 years. She was actually the first ever Special Education Secretary. She worked for the school as a substitute secretary just before getting hired shortly after the Flood of ’96. Over the years, she has worked for four different superintendents and  eight school psychologists.

Samanth.Davis (1)Mrs. Snyder and her husband Jim graduated from Redbank in 1971. In fact, they were voted Prom King and Queen. Mrs. Snyder was also crowned Homecoming Queen in the fall of 1970 . Mrs. Snyder has a son Beau and a daughter Jamie also works for the district as a 4th grade teacher at Redbank Primary School.  Mrs. Snyder has three grandchildren, one in 9th grade, another  in 3rd and the last one is a junior in college.

“In recalling my years here, I’ve been fortunate in having numerous fond memories. Having the camaraderie with the office staff, the many friendships I’ve developed with staff and administration alike, and the celebrations we’ve shared as our birthdays would roll around each year.” However, One memory that really sticks out in her memory was the day that a dried out Christmas tree, which  had been hauled around for weeks in the truck bed of a former social studies teacher, was plugged in and lit up for all to see in our parking lot. Mrs. Snyder will miss her grandchildren coming into the high school at the end of the school day and  getting a snack from her.

Mrs. Snyder would like to spend her retirement riding Harley’s with her husband and raising calves on the farm that they own. She also hopes to catch up on some gardening and  reading, a hobby which she hasn’t had much time for lately.  Mrs. Snyder plans to travel and possibly visit countries like Italy and Greece. She wants to check an item off her bucket list as well– going out west to see Mount Rushmore. Aside from these trips, she would like to be able to just enjoy retirement with her family and her grandchildren.

Mrs. Snyder left some words of encouragement for her fellow co-workers and also to the students, she said, “Just enjoy every day given, and make the best of it!”

Just enjoy every day given, and make the best of it!”

— Janice Snyder

I couldn’t leave the interview without finding out more about this beautiful car of hers. I asked why she chose a Dodge Challenger. She stated,” I have a love for cars, and I have always adored retro looking vehicles.  Before the Challenger, we owned a ’62 Corvette.” You may have noticed that Mrs. Snyder only drives the Challenger when the weather is good with no chance of rain–now that’s someone who loves her car!

Congratulations. Mrs. Snyder.   Have a wonderful retirement with your family and grandchildren. You–and your Dodge Challenger–will be greatly missed by students and faculty alike.


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