7th Graders on Homecoming and Spirit Week


7th Graders – Mia, Alaina, Zoey, Quinlan, Karissa, Rhiannon

Jordan Mann, Writer

Homecoming is always an exciting time of the year. Spirit Week, the dance, pep rallies, and the big game have the school spirit at an all time high. Remember being in 7th grade and getting to experience all of this for the first time? The Bark interviewed a handful of students this year in the 7th grade to see if their experience was something they’ll remember forever.

This year’s spirit week included: Monday – Crazy Hair Day, Tuesday -Twin Day, Wednesday – Powderpuff, Thursday – Pajama Day, and Friday – Red and White day. The 7th graders’ personal favorite was hands down, Pajama Day. Who doesn’t like being able to just roll out of bed and lounge around in school all day in your pajamas? However, every single one of them thought that it would’ve been fun to have Nerd Day.

All of the 7th graders that were interviewed attended the big Homecoming football game, and agreed it was an intense game. The pep rally, on the other had,  was a good time; however, one specific suggestion made was for the cheerleaders to put on a skit.

The dance is such an exciting time for many students. The girls get to buy beautiful dresses,  put on makeup, and do their hair.   The guys get to put on their best and look like class acts. The dance is an opportunity for the 7th graders that they’ve never had before, so naturally they are bound to have expectations for the dance.  To start, all the kids had a really fun time and would be in attendance at another dance.It’s not that the dance didn’t live up to their expectations, 7th graders just had some suggestions to make it better for the future. The 7th graders all thought having drinks would’ve helped. Instead of having to wait for a drink at the fountain, drinks, such as lemonade or just cups of waters,  would be available. Now, the last suggestion was  the decorations could be more elaborate; however, the upperclassmen actually thought the decorations were better this year.

Ultimately, the 7th graders had a great time. Whether it was the spirit days, the game, or the dance, they all are very excited for homecoming next year.