Clubs in the Weight Room


Carly Anne Gruver, Writer

Mr.Rex started the 300 Club when he first became a teacher here at Redbank. He wanted his students to set goals, thinking if they had a reason to give it their all, then they would. What is better than honoring accomplishments with a banner that will hang up on the wall for years to come?  If you go into the weight room, you will notice a 3oo Club Banner that has dots beside the names. The dot means the lifter did the 5 set/5 reps method and also benched 1 rep of 300 lbs. If there are two dots, it means they  benched a rep that is 350+ lbs. Every dot after the first one, you add 50 lbs. Mr. Rex hopes one day that someone accomplishes 400 lbs. and earn three dots.

There is also a Double Club that Mr. Rex started a few years ago. He wanted to recognize the people who are lifting twice there body weight. Right now there are only two names on the banner, but hopefully more will be added. Mr. Rex says the people who made it on those banners have been lifting for years, and it takes them a while to lift as much as they have, but 300they accomplished it. He also said, “For Tanner Altobelli and John Tibbs to bench press double their body weight, a lot of time and effort had to be put into their workouts. They both lifted hard for at least three years and slowly worked their way to their goals.”

Congratulations to Tanner and John for making the Double Club, and kudos to current students of the 300 Club:  Adam Kunselman, Brylee Shumaker, Wyatt Hetrick, and Patrick Crawford.