County Choir


County Choir Selected Singers: FROM THE BACK LEFT; Ryan Moore (Tenor), Jordan Mann ( Soprano), Haley Parrish ( Soprano), Sarah Oliver ( Alto), Dakota Hetrick ( Alto), Cole Wolbert (Bass) FROM FRONT LEFT: Tristan Keller (Tenor), Nicole Shirey ( Soprano), Bailey Adams( Soprano), Kimberly Shick( Soprano), Samantha Davis( Alto), Brandon Shaffer(Bass).

Samantha Davis, Writer


County Choir? Maybe you aren’t familiar with what happens there, or what it is at all. County Choir is an opportunity for choir students to join with other choir students in the county to preform beautiful songs in a concert.

Mrs. McIntire, the choral director, asks students if they want to participate in County Choir and what part they want to sing: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Bass. Then she would pick at least two from each section to take. Most of the time she starts with seniors and works her way down the grades. Those students would then get the music that would be performed at the county choir concert so they may practice. Mrs. McIntire plans a time during the school day for those students to practice.  Normally choir members would practice these pieces during activity period on Wednesday.  After weeks of  practice, these choir members join together with 100 singers from Clarion County and rehearse for one day and perform that night. This year the concert will be performed at 7 pm at Union High School on Thursday, November 19th, and tickets can be purchased at the doors for $4 a person.



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