The Perfect Team – Redbank Volleyball


Jess Walter, writer

The girls’ volleyball program here is usually very solid, and they have a very impressive record so far.  They placed 2nd in both tournaments they played in, but they struggled with their first regular season loss on October 8th to Clarion.  With Clarion being ranked in the top 10 in the state, I would say that the Redbank girls put up a great fight.  The girls suffered their second regular season loss on October 13th to A-C Valley, another team that’s ranked in the top 10 in the state, but that’s okay.  A perfect team doesn’t have to have a perfect record.

If you participate in a sport, you know first hand that sometimes you come across teams that are just better than you. You may not like to admit it, but it happens. Maybe they have more skill or are just in better shape, but everyone is different.  Your team’s definition of “perfect” is going to be different than others.

Suzie Gourley, a senior and one of the team’s hitters, says, “A perfect team means working together no matter what.” Coach Smith agrees with Suzie and says, “A perfect team is a group of athletes who not only have the necessary skills it takes to be competitive, but who also can work together despite their differences.”

I think athletes need to think about their team’s definition of perfect and strive for that, opposed to always winning.  But maybe your team’s idea of being perfect IS never losing a game, every team is different.  Ultimately, I think the girls on the volleyball team are living up to their coach’s idea of a perfect team.


Did You Know?

Coach Smith went to school here at Redbank, and one of her favorite memories was making the state playoffs her senior year in volleyball for the first time ever.  This memory has stuck with her through all the years.  Ironically, Coach Smith is now assisted by her high school coach, Matt Darr.  She stated, “He taught us more than volleyball; he taught us how to work together and be a team.”

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