Weight-Lifting: Worth it!


Carly Anne Gruver, Writer

Do you think you have it in you to lift everyday for your own benefit? How about for the benefit for your team? Why not both? John Tibbs does.

For those who do not know John, he is in eleventh grade and can lift twice his body weight, making him  the second RVHS student to earn membership in the Double Club.  He can bench 315 lbs., squat 425 lbs., and dead lift 575 lbs.  How did he accomplish so much as a weight lifter?

John stays after school every day that he can and lifts from 3:20 P.m to 4:20 P.m. Anyone can do it! All it takes is some dedication and some of your time. Stay after school and set some goals.

John still has goals he wants to reach. He wants to be able to lift 350 lbs and be able to dead lift over 600 lbs. John started lifting in 7th grade and is still lifting today to reach those goals. When I asked him why he lifts, he commented back, “It feels good.”

Lifting doesn’t just feel good, but it also helps John with the sports he plays. John participates in football, wrestling, and track. Not only does lifting benefit him, it makes his team stronger, too.

John’s commitment is inspiring. We can use more people like him in our school. If you think that you have what it takes to lift, then do it.



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