Why Should You Go on the Freshman Trip?

Elisabeth Hook, Writer

Hey, freshmen, are you planning on going to DC this year? While you may not see a high value in going, many upperclassmen really enjoyed it, and  you might too. The trip will let you be able to explore our nation’s capital, and (what you are probably more excited about) hang out and wander around with your friends.

Washington D.C. is a very busy city, and it gives you good exposure to the city atmosphere which can be an invigorating experience. Washington D.C. is the home to many of the monuments and memorials you see on TV and have learned about in school. The White House is located in D.C. as well, which, despite your views, is important to know more about because it is a part of who you are as an American.

While the trip can be costly, it is well worth it for all of the educational aspects. You have the opportunity to raise funds by selling Gourmet Creations Dips, so don’t forget to take advantage of it. Also, be creative! There are many opportunities for you to raise money, and many community members would be more than happy to help you go on this trip. If you are interested please see Mr. Fricko.

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