Redbank Seniors Offer Helping Hands…and Feet!


Greg, Kaleb, Dalton, Sam, Aaron, and Kevin

Jess Walter, writer

If you’re big on sports here at Redbank or just like to keep up with the latest events, you probably couldn’t help but notice a handful of new additions to the Boys’ Soccer Team.  Sam Heeter, Kaleb Reed, Dalton Daugherty, and Greg Nolf, all seniors, decided to join the soccer team this year.  Why?

It was brought to the boys’ attention that there may not be a soccer team this year because not enough boys were interested in playing.  These senior boys took it upon themselves to give soccer a try so the program could continue.

Sam Heeter said, “I wanted the other players to be able to play, especially the seniors, and I hoped somebody would do the same for me.”  With Sam, Kaleb, Dalton, and Greg all being first year varsity players, they faced some challenges.  Kaleb Reed, now the team’s starting goalie, stated, “I enjoy myself, but it’s a huge change for us to go from only using our hands to only using our feet.”  Kaleb, along with the three other new players, are all basketball players.  Since they never played soccer before, this was a huge adjustment for the boys.  They seem to be doing just fine though.  Sam is now one of the team’s forwards while Dalton and Greg both play on defense.  The guys seem to be really enjoying themselves, and I think I can speak for everyone when I say that what they are doing is just plain awesome–but it gets even better.

Aaron Smith and Kevin Parker, both senior soccer players, have decided to join the basketball team this winter.  The basketball team has enough players as is, but they are simply joining to repay the four classmates who saved the soccer program so they could play their senior year.   So make sure to attend a soccer game this season–and don’t forget to go see a basketball game this winter too! Cheer on a group of great senior guys–not for scoring a goal or making a basket–but for supporting each other and really knowing the meaning of teamwork and friendship.

Boys’ Soccer Schedule


Boys’ Season Comes to a Close

The boys soccer team played their last game of the season on October 21st, but unfortunately, they lost. However, I feel as if the boys all had a very memorable season, especially with the team’s new additions.  Being a part of a team is always an adventure and there are many memories that accompany it.  With that being said, the underclassmen wrote a few farewell words to the seniors.

“Dear Seniors, this season has been quite the adventure.  I’d like to thank the basketball players for making this first year for all of us newcomers so enjoyable.  I’d also like to thank the veterans, Supa (Aaron), Shawn, and Kevin for teaching me and helping me learn the game.  You guys have all made this season fun and amazing.  And with that, all I can say is, ‘Later, Fam!’  Best of luck in the future.” -Aiden Reichard

“I would like to thank the basketball players for playing this year so we could have a team.  Also, to Kevin, Supa (Aaron), and Shawn for helping me learn the ins and outs.  You all have made this year enjoyable for me.  This is the best sports Fam I have had.  Hope you all have a wonderful future!” -Andrew Adams

“Thank you, basketball dudes, for giving us a team this year.  I’m glad I got to know you guys, and that I got to call you my Fam.  And to the seniors already on the team, I want to thank you for pushing me and helping me improve my skills.  Thank you all for being my teammates and friends!” -Ryan Moore

This season’s boys had a very special bond, and I don’t think any of those boys will ever forget playing on the 2015 Boys’ Soccer Team here at Redbank Valley.

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