10th Grade Field Trip: Life on a LST


Elisabeth Hook, Writer

Did you know the only running Landing Ship Tank (LST) from WWII is currently housed in Pittsburgh? The tenth grade students in Mr. Harmon’s and Mr. Carrier’s history classes received a tour of the large navel ship from Mr. Corbin Fowkes, one of the crew members who helped bring the LST 325 back from Greece where it was previously housed. The USS LST 325 was used in WWII to unload cranes, bulldozers, troops, and supplies at Omaha Beach, Normandy, France, on D-Day June 7, 1944, since enemy docks we unavailable.

During the trip, the tenth grade history classes saw the interior of the ship and the functions it could preform.  The students talked to one soldier who fought on the vessel in WWII. Students were able to relate to the crew since the majority of them were close in age to the troops that manned the ship when it was in duty. The LST 325 had quite an eerie feel to it, knowing that many people would have boarded the ship back in WWII and never returned.  The conversations the students had with the crew brought to life the harsh reality of life on the ship during war. Getting to look back into the past made it easy for the students to be grateful for the life they live now.