Redbank vs Clarion-Limestone Recap

Redbank vs Clarion-Limestone Recap

Samantha Davis and Mackenzie Pence


NEW BETHLEHEM, PA. – After a late cancelled game due to lightning on Friday,  the Bulldogs continued play on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. The Redbank Valley Bulldogs gained their first win of the season over the visiting team Clarion-Limestone with a score of 49-19.

The Bulldogs scored a touchdown on Friday with just 8:12 left in the first quarter. They then continued their game 35-0 before the Lions scored their first touchdown.

Quarterback Devin Schimp threw 122 yards and three touchdowns. He threw two of these passes to Wyatt Hetrick. Wyatt covered 26 yards the first night and 10 yards on Saturday. Schimp also tossed one off to Nick Shoemaker that went for 9 yards in the first quarter.

Anthony Louder covered 143 yards for the Lions. He sent five passes to Brady Himes, who covered 122 yards. The Lions scored their first touchdown late in the first half of the game. With just under 2 seconds left in the first half of the game, Louder covered 16 yards for Clarion-Limestone’s second touchdown. Due to the high score, the second string defense for the Bulldogs got some experience on the field; however, CL scored their third touchdown against the young defense.

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