Homecoming Court 2015

Homecoming Court 2015

Jess Walter, writer

Homecoming Court 2015


Students here at Redbank Valley are always eager to vote on Homecoming court.  This year the seniors voted on August 28th and the results were announced later that day.  First, (from left to right) Connor Shoemaker, Sam Heeter, Wyatt Hetrick, Dalton Dougherty, Greg Nolf, Devin Schimp, and Nick Shoemaker.  Now the girls.  Mikaela Emings, Tiara Lamb, Sarah Oliver, Reagan Bish, Suzie Gourley, Haley Parrish, and Kimberly Shick.


Past Homecoming Kings and Queens.

2014- Noah Bowser & Erin Kunselman

2013- Zane Watson & Lynde Edmonds

2012- Aaron Hook & Haley Nolf

2011- Caleb Smith & Hope McDaniel

2010- Bobby Kozakovsky & Danielle Barlett

2009- Tyler McCauley & Kaylee Smith

2008- Shawn McCcauley & Heidi Hepler

2007- Jonathan Brothers & Alexa Shuster

2006- Joey Unger & Makayla Gould

2005- Brandon Keener & Jesse Hartman