Senior Choir Banquet


Dylan Donine , Staff Writer

On the evening of Tuesday, May 19th, the senior members of the RVHS choir gathered at Joe’s, a local Italian restaurant, to celebrate the achievements they have made over their final year of high school. The students sat and talked with friends and family of the senior class over a delicious meal of stuffed chicken, stuffed shells, salad, eggplant, delicious bread, phenomenal vodka sauce noodles, and ice cream cake. Mrs. McIntire, the choir director, gave a short but sweet speech about every individual senior as she called them forward one by one at the end of the evening to present them each with a gift. The seniors each received a personalized necklace with their name and birthstones on them, two or three pins for concert and show choir, and a collection of random items that symbolized positive traits you’ll need for the future as a sweet farewell memento.

The seniors would like to show their appreciation to the Choir Boosters and Mrs. McIntire for everything they’ve done for them! Thank you!