The “Defaltriots”: The Solving of Deflate-Gate

Jarret Bailey, Sports Writer

For the past several months, the New England Patriots have been in the midst of yet another scandal in which they are accused of some form of cheating. In 2007, it was spying on the Jets, and now, it’s “Deflate-Gate”.

We all know the story; It is said that during the AFC Championship game vs. the Indianapolis Colts, the Patriots deflated the balls below the league standards. To make matters worse for the Pats, It was said that Tom Brady had communications through text messages with the team crew and workers who deal with the balls and were aware of the activities going on. After a long investigation, the Starr Report reveals that the Patriots most likely knew about the deflation and that Tom Brady was aware of everything.

Is this wrong? Sure, but think of this; how do we know that other teams don’t do this? I’m sure that every QB in the NFL and every coach has balls pumped up to their liking. Now, at the same time, it’s not been revealed that any other team has been caught doing this. Another point that needs to be made is that the Colts were playing with the same balls that the Patriots were, so if anything, it would’ve benefited them as well. I’m not defending the Patriots actions by any means, all I’m saying is if it was anybody but the Patriots this story wouldn’t have ever broke out because whenever New England does something great, we have to find a way to make them look non-deserving of their accomplishments. Over time, that is something I have noticed. Unless you are a Patriots fan, you want to find a way to make them look bad because the vast majority hate Tom Brady and Bill Belichick and would love nothing more than to see them fail, when the reality is that both will be in the NFL Hall of Fame and both are two of the greatest in history, as well as one of the greatest duos in sports history.