A Special Thank You


Madison Harman, Editor

On behalf of the senior class officers and representatives, I would like to take time to thank everyone who helped make prom a success.

Mr. Bundy for giving up his prep periods to hang wire in the gym, fix a few decorating disasters, and lending us the equipment necessary to decorate.

Mr. Provance for also helping fix decorating disasters.

Mrs. Bain for staying late after school to help finish the gym and for providing insight on how to make the gym look amazing for our senior prom.

Mrs. Weaver for being the senior class advisor all year, helping us raise the money we needed, dealing with our attitudes that came out while getting everything ready, and ultimately dedicating the last two months to prom.

Mr. Weaver for also giving up the last week to get ready for prom.

Every student who came to the gym and stage during their study halls, and in some cases stayed after school, to help decorate.

Mr. and Mrs. Gold, Mr. and Mrs. Bundy, Mr. and Mrs. Harmon, and Mr. and Mrs. Weaver for chaperoning prom.

Mr. Reitz’s daughter and Mr. Bundy’s son for being the crown bearers.

Cheryl Sager for making the center pieces and the cake.

Mrs. Heasley and Courtney Harman for collecting tables.

Ken Bowser for catering.

Mr. Sayers and Mr. Heasley for being called to the gym multiple times to bring us cleaning equipment.

All of the teachers who allowed students to leave classes and study halls in order to decorate.

Finally, a big thank you goes out to every student who attended prom. We hope everyone enjoyed their night and made it memorable.