Bulls vs. Cavs: ‘Nuff Said

Bulls vs. Cavs: Nuff Said

When the playoffs started, many predicted that this would be the second round matchup in the East. This is the fourth time that the Bulls have faced LeBron James in a payoff series (James is 3-0). Although that may be the case, this series very well could be the most competitive of all. J.R. Smith missed Games 1 and 2 due to suspension for the altercation with Celtics Forward Jae Crowder, but will return for the remainder of the series in Game 3. Plus, with Kevin Love out for the remainder of the season due to a shoulder injury, the Bulls definitely have a front court advantage. We saw them put that to use in Game 1 where Pau Gasol had 21 points and gave the Cavs defense fits with pick and roll plays that were working to perfection. Pau’s dominance also allowed Derrick Rose to take over and lead all scorers with 25 points. The Cavs made up for the performance in Game 1 with a 15-point win in Game 2, as they drained threes like they were going out of style. LeBron lead all scorers with 33. So now the series will head to Chicago for games 3 and 4. Now, we can’t just say that the Bulls have a chance just because the Cavs have problems with missing players, this is a championship caliber team filled with young stars and veteran all-stars. Jimmy Butler was just named the 2015 Most Improved Player, Nikola Mirotic was Rookie of the Year runner-up, and the front court trio of Noah, Gasol, and Taj Gibson running pick and pop plays with Derrick Rose is absolutely deadly. Not to mention a total dominant bench with guys like Aaron Brooks and Tony Snell stepping up to the plate when their names are called upon. That being said, these two teams know each other very well by playing in the same division. There is absolutely no love lost between these two rivals. The Cavs are well aware of Derrick Rose and the Bulls stars just as the Bulls are aware of LeBron James and Kyree Irving. As the series heads back to Chicago’s home turf at the United Center, the Bulls fans will be ready to greet them. Looking at how talented these two teams are, I’m willing to say whoever wins this series will represent the East in the NBA Finals.

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