Mock Accident


Madison Harman, Editor

Sirens were heard through the halls of Redbank Valley High School on May 6, but the juniors and seniors saw the results of a car accident up close and personal. Juniors and seniors walked out of the 7th grade wing and stumbled upon a staged car accident that was the result of a drunk driver. First, Madison Harman and Megan Nolf were seen driving up to the accident and called 911. Jake Dougherty and Jade Adams were trapped in the back seat while Korbin Hornberger and Shannon Sager lay helpless through the windshield. Khorey Neiswonger and Austin Shreckengost played the drunk drivers of the scene, and were eventually taken out in handcuffs. Firefighters cut Jake and Jade out of the back while paramedics helped Shannon.  Unfortunatley, Korbin had to play the role of the student who died in the crash, sending chills through some students as they watched the white sheet cover his body.

In a matter of 30 minutes a very powerful message was sent out to the junior and senior class just in time for prom festivities, but none of this could have been accomplished without all of the volunteers that came out to help. A special thanks goes out to the volunteer firefighters, paramedics, the police officer, Mr. Harmon, Mr. Stitt, and the six students who played in the mock accident.