Goals for the Next 40 Days

Goals for the Next 40 Days

Madison Harman, Editor

These are a few of the responses that came from senior class members after completing the following statement. “I have forty days left in high school. In those next forty days I am going to be sure to…”


– Take the time I have to my advantage. I’m not wishing my life away. Real life and college are nothing compared to high school. I will also enjoy every bite of a sloppy stacker. I will miss those. Also, blonde brownies–those are swag.


– Be a gym class hero.


– Take advantage of the fact I see my friends everyday.


– Get my lifeguard certification.


– Make tons of memories with my friends. Make sure they know how much they mean to me. Have tons of fun and regret nothing. Spend as much time with my friends as I can before we all go our own ways.


– Take advantage of friendships. Try to finish with the best grades. Try to scarf down the cafeteria food.


– Pass all my classes. I will also make sure to make better friendships and do well in sports. I will enjoy my school lunches because I’ll probably never have them again.


– Place higher at track and field states.


– Do everything I can to become a District 9 Champion again. (Baseball this time.)


– Make the most out of my high school career and start talking to people I don’t usually talk to.


– Make the most of the time I have left with my fellow classmates. Go out with having no hard feelings for anyone.


– Put myself out there, talk to new people, and have as much fun as possible!


– I’m going to tell Mrs. Lightner how much I appreciate her advice and help. I’m going to live these next 40 days with no regrets because there isn’t time in life to look back and wonder what could have been..


– Leave my classmates with a good memory of me.


– I want to get a little closer to some kids in my class. I don’t want to completely give up.


– Fill out all scholarships I can because I’ll need it for college. Make it to Districts in track. Try my best but enjoy the last days as much as I can. Practice the choir music as best as I can because it’s the last time I’ll play piano for the choir.


– Try to finish the year with good grades and mostly just enjoy it!


– Take advantage of the time I have left in welding. Everyone there is awesome, the instructor is great, and the work there is fun to do. It will be missed.


– Stay on the honor roll and be sure to spend time with my friends. Eat every sticky bun and funnel cake in the mornings at breakfast. Take up the time to have fun while I can. Mr. Gold’s economics class is something I’m going to miss–and lunch with my girls.


– Live the rest of my high school days to the fullest because once it’s gone, I’ll never get them back. I want to make memories with my best friends.



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