Prom 2015


Nikki Shreckengost, Staff Writer

Prom–its what almost every senior is looking forward to, other than graduation of course!

It’s the one of the only times during your high school career that the girls can look and feel like princesses. The guys also get to tag along and wear a tux, presenting themselves as gentlemen. Although prom doesn’t seem as exciting for boys as it does for the girls, they still enjoy it just as much.

Our senior class officers, Shannon Sager, Megan Bain, Jade Adams, Erin Sheffer, Cassie Fink, Katlyn Neiswonger, Anna Pyne, Cambria Hornberger, and Madison Harman spent hours deciding on how to make our prom perfect. The following will provide any information that seniors or their dates would be interested in knowing. Seniors; you will be dismissed from school at 11:30, please make appointments accordingly. Underclassmen attending prom; you must bring a note from your parents if you plan to leave school early on prom day.

Date:  May 8, 2015       

Pictures at the Mansion: 3:00

Promenade: 5:30

Prom: To follow directly after Promenade

Theme: Once Upon A Starlit Night

Colors: Gold and White

Menu: Chicken Italiano, Stuffed Shells, Mixed Vegetables, Parmesan Potatoes and Salad with dessert to follow

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