New Drinks in the Cafeteria?


Nikki Shreckengost, Staff Writer

From pancakes to pretzel dogs to stuffed shells, our high school cafeteria has been offering many new choices for lunch this year. Mr. Reitz has presented a wide variety of choices, considering the limitations of the new nutritional guidelines in the United States.

Mr. Reitz took it upon himself to invite Turner’s Dairy Company to our school on March 19, 2015, allowing us to sample new teas and juices for our cafeteria. Turner’s Dairy is a Western Pennsylvania company that partnered up with 50 local family dairy farms with intentions of bringing fresh, high quality milk to all consumers. Not only does Turner’s Dairy offer assorted flavors of dairy products, but they also offer juices and teas.

At lunch we were offered samples of Super Orange Drink, Super Blue, Super Tea *Peach, and Super Tea *Black and Gold. Many students sampled each one, trying to determine which flavor they enjoyed the most. Some students were discussing how delicious the Super Blue drink was and how it tasted similar to a blue Huggie. Students thought the drinks would definitely contain a lot of sugar, only to be surprised that each drink contains less than 16 grams. It is wonderful that something tasting so sweet contains such little sugar!

Redbank students are used to sudden change; however, we aren’t used to being asked for our opinions. Being given the opportunity to have a say in what drinks we will have in our cafeteria really shows that Mr. Reitz cares about our opinions. In all my high school career, I can’t remember when the students were asked what we thought. In all honesty, our opinions are what matter the most, because we, the students, are the consumers.

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