Poetry Contest Results

Poetry Contest Results

Mackenzie Pence, Assistant Editor

Ashley Landers was the winner of the Journalism Poetry Contest with her poem, Claudadeedee, a euphemism for the stress of school.   You can read Ashley’s winning poem below.  She received a journal, G-2 pens, and a candy bar. Congrats!

Thank you to Mrs. Boozer, Mrs. Switzer, and Ms. Boyles for judging this year’s contest.


Love I have none for Claudadeedee

She comes each day to torture me

I try my hardest to stay asleep

But she stops my thoughts of counting sheep


In her presence I near always cringe

For all my being she has singed

But I cannot leave her side for long

Else I will lose my chance to belong


Oh, how I hate being chained to you

And all the horrid things you do

I refuse to let you shatter me

Oh, you dastardly Claudadeedee

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