Editorial: Redbank’s Lack of Enthusiasm

Editorial:  Redbank's Lack of Enthusiasm

Editorial Board

For the first time in Redbank Valley history, both the boys’ and the girls’ basketball teams are participating in state playoffs. This is an event that Redbank Valley should be proud of, but after a recent pep rally assembly, it has come to the attention of many that the student body lacks enthusiasm.

After realizing what a great accomplishment this is for Redbank, Mr. Hartle took it upon himself to plan a pep rally in two days. He notified the cheerleaders on Thursday, giving them one day to plan an amazing dance, fun games for the basketball teams, and cheers with high hopes of pumping up the students in the stands. The band practiced hard so they were able to perform our well known “sport song.” Unfortunately, no one’s hard work was appreciated–most students either socialized with their friends or stared blankly at the gymnasium floor. Why is this?

Could it be that students do not know how to react to a period of fun because there are not enough enjoyable days throughout the school year? Yes, education should be a school’s first priority, that is undeniable; however, bombarding students with work isn’t what a school should be. C-L has the highest Keystone scores in the county, and they have enjoyable events such as a spirit week multiple times a year, game days, basketball tournaments and other fun activities to get the students involved and take the stress off of them for awhile. Karns City, another school with high test scores, plans a volleyball tournament every year where students construct teams and play against one another during the school day. They have also had a donkey ball tournament to get the students’ minds off of the hardships of school.  Brookville has a Greek Day that allows them to dress up as Greek gods and goddesses and participate in activities–both educational and fun.  Union and Clarion have multiple dances a year, ultimately giving students something to be excited about at different points in the year. Why can’t we have activities like this?

With all of that being said, it’s clear that Redbank’s lack of enthusiasm is a solvable problem. For example, some schools have an assistant principal that is directly in charge of instilling spirit throughout the school. Other schools have booster clubs or alumni groups that work wholeheartedly to plan events and activities for staff and students. Having events to look forward to will raise the enthusiasm in everyone, as well as inevitably give students the opportunity to interact with peers in a enjoyable, positive way.

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