Flag Beautification Project

This is what Adrion depicts the Night View of his project to look like.

This is what Adrion depicts the “Night View” of his project to look like.

Madison Harman, Editor

Adrion Orange, a sophomore here at Redbank Valley, has taken a big project upon himself. He recently proposed a flag beautification project for the flag in front of our high school. Adrion’s main goal is to put the proper lighting on our flag, as well as make it more appealing to the eye. His secondary goal is to use this project to earn his  Eagle Scout Rank. At the moment, he is a life scout. In order to move to the next rank, Adrion has to complete a project to benefit a non-profit organization. In scouts, they are taught that the flag is sacred and should be protected and honored, as it represents all of the men and women who have served and/or died for our country.

We interviewed Adrion to find out more about his project.
Q. What inspired you to come up with this idea?
A. The fact that the flagpole is so bare.

Q. How did you get permission to do this project on school grounds?
A. I met with Mr. Drzewiecki and the school board.

Q. What is an Eagle Scout Project?
A. It is the final requirement any boy scout has to accomplish to achieve Eagle Scout. It must be for a non-profit organization and be led by a scout.

Q. How long have you been a boy scout?
A. I’ve been a scout since I was in 5th grade; roughly 5 years.

Q. What is proper flag lighting?
A. The flag will have two spotlights on poles to shine directly onto the flag.

Q. How are you going to pay for everything?
A. The sponsor bricks that businesses can buy.

Q. Who is going to do all of the labor?
A. A group of volunteers and professionals to handle the more specialized work.

Q. When will you want this project to start and be finished?
A. Within the month I will start selling the bricks. It will end hopefully at the end of this summer.

Q. Do you have any other project ideas? If so, where and what is it going to be?
A. If there is extra money, it would be put toward the park (nature trail) behind the school.

Q. Who will be buying the bricks?
A. Anybody can.  Local groups, clubs, and organizations are encourage to buy a brick.

Q. Why $65.00?
A. This was what we felt was reasonable and will generate the profits needed to pay for the project.

Forms are available in the high school office for anyone that is interested in purchasing a brick to benefit Adrion’s project and beautify the flag.