NFL Draft Preview


Jarrett Bailey, Sports Writer

With the NFL Draft approaching, the two top players that everybody is focused on are both at the Quarterback position; Jameis Winston from Florida State and Heisman winner, Marcus Mariota from Oregon State. Both are all but guaranteed to be selected with one of the top picks in the draft, but which one will go first and where will they end up?

Many are expecting Winston to go number one overall to Tampa Bay, but the Bucs seem to have a stable quarterback with Mike Glennon, who has put up good numbers the past two years. The second pick overall belongs to the Titans, who went 2-14 last season, and may look to take either Winston or Mariota as well. Jake Locker has done absolutely nothing since being drafted a few years ago out of Washington. In 30 career games, he’s thrown just 27 touchdowns along with 22 interceptions and 26 total turnovers. After all the math, he ends up with just a 79.0 rating and never had a total QBR (quarterback rating) above 58.1.

Jacksonville and Oakland both drafted young quarterbacks last year who they plan to develop, so expect the Jags to maybe go with a running back due to their awful run game last year, and Oakland to go with a big offensive linemen. The next team through the draft list who doesn’t have stability at the QB position are the Jets. New York drafted Geno Smith two years ago and he’s been nothing short of a nightmare. In his two years with the Jets, he’s thrown 25 touchdowns and 34 interceptions, and was eventually benched halfway through the 2014 season, so expect a quarterback to be heading to the Jets. The Rams could also be a landing spot for Winston or Mariota as they have the tenth pick and the Vikings are right behind them at number 11.

With the draft still two months away, trades for position could be made and shake up everything in the competition to get these two great athletes and make them assets for the future.

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