6th Grade Locker Clean-out a Success!

On Friday the sounds of opening lockers and idle chatter filled the sixth and seventh grade hallway. Mrs. Kirkpatrick was making her sixth grade classes clean out their lockers, and such intervention was needed. Carly Neiswonger said, “I thought I was organized!” She was not.

These seventh and sixth graders go through a big transition as they go from the intermediate school to the much bigger high school. Recess is replaced with gym on alternating days, morning announcements with RVTV Live, and a classroom coat rack with individual lockers. It’s no surprise that such a big transition can be hard for these students and their lockers turn out to be a mess. Sixth grader Robert Fling said, “I’m very disorganized. My room is even worse. I can’t even step in it. You can’t even see the carpet.” Many students lose notebooks, food, and even homework in their lockers.

Mrs. Kirpatrick organized a day for students to clean out their lockers. She hoped that this day would help students find missing books and homework and help with the overall organization. The Hayden Smith’s mantra was, “It’s clean if you don’t look at it.” At the end of the day, students had found licorice sticks, empty Starbuck bottles, hair brushes, energy bar wrappers, one gross petrified gummy that was stuck to a locker door, a half eaten cereal bar, an American flag, and many utensils. It was quite an impressive haul.

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