Golden Bulldog Award- Mrs. DiGiammarino!


First Row: Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Smith, Miss Rummel, and Mrs. DiGiammarino w/ The Bark editors, Makayla Monrean and Mackayla Males. Back Row: Alivia Huffman, Logan Smathers, Alaina Hook, and Clara Gourley, members of The Bark writing stafff.

For this week’s Golden Bulldog Award the 6th grade teachers passed it to Mrs. DiGiammarino!

Mrs. Rummell said,” Mrs. DiGiammarino is an amazing person and teacher. She welcomed the three of us sixth grade teachers to the high school with open arms. Her passion for teaching English goes deep in her soul. Because of her passion, they call her the “Grammar Guru”. Mrs. D. also has an enthusiasm for her students and their successes. Trust me, as her neighbor when she gets excited, I know! All kidding aside, Mrs. D.’s enthusiasm is inspiring.

Mrs. Smith said, “I have actually been working with Mrs. D. for quite a long time because she was one of my volleyball coaches!  We  (sixth grade teachers) have been working with her through this wonderful program of Mission: Transition that she started many years ago. She welcomed our sixth graders into this building. The really cool thing is that Mrs. D. always finds a way to bring out the positive in Redbank Valley, and she always lets  students take an ownership roll in everything.  We are so thankful for Mrs. D. being a part of Redbank Valley and touching so many students!

Mrs. Kirkpatrick said,” She was also my seventh grade English teacher! I was her first class when she came to Redbank Valley, so, I have been inspired by you since I was a seventh grader. Now, I get the privilege to work alongside her in the hallway. I thank you for all the lessons you have taught me over the years. It is truly truly an honor to give you this award.