Golden Bulldog Award- Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Miss. Rummell


Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Ms. Rummel, Mrs. Smith, Miss. Kronen, and Josey Adams of The Bark

For this week’s Golden Bulldog Award Miss. Kronen decided to pass the award to the three teachers who came from the elementary school- Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, and Miss. Rummell.

Mrs Kronen said when giving the reward, “I would like to give this weeks Golden Bulldog Award to our six grade teachers, Mrs. Kirkpatrick, Miss. Rummell, and Mrs. Smith because I am so happy that they have joined us at the high school and I think they have done an outstanding job coming up to the high school and fitting in here and I just want to welcome them and say thanks for coming and thanks for being great teachers and joining us at the high school.”


Congratulations to the 6th grade teachers, and thank you for being awesome!

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